SPA LADY楊麗芳:泡遍泉世界

Just noticed today from internet that China's most powerful Xinhuanet Chongqing made a very nice report on Spa Lady... published on October 29th entitled

 "SPA LADY楊麗芳:泡遍泉世界(Spa Lady Windy Bathing the Thermal Spring World) " 

an article regarding the World Hot Spring Scientific Congress of the World Federation of Hydrotherapy and Climatotherapy (FEMTEC)... if you can read the Chinese report...too good for Spa Lady... so wonderful so grateful~Thank YOU~♪~♪ 

今天在上網找資料時,竟然意外發現新華網重慶旅遊頻道寫了一篇十分感性,有關Spa Lady的報導,看了真的好感動... 在此跟大家分享!

SPA LADY楊麗芳:泡遍泉世界