The SPA Man Andrew Jacka


Andrew Jacka

@ASEAN SPA and Wellness FORUM

Date: 16 - 17 July 2012 (Monday to Tuesday)
Time: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm
Venue: DewanTun HusseinOnn-Hall B, Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 

(Written by Mawspa President-- Faridah Ahmad Fadzil)

Who doesn't know Andrew Jacka? Spa warrior, spoke person, teacher, innovator… the list goes on and on... Well for those who have not crossed path with "THE" ANDREW JACKA… you are welcomed to join MAWSPA(Malaysian Association of Wellness and Spa) organized “Asean Spa and Wellness Forum” this coming 16th and 17th July... and for those who have not met him recently, take this opportunity to catch up with THE "SPA MAN". We are so lucky he said YES… thanks Andrew!

Just a little bit about Andrew:

Andrew Jacka has been involved in the Hospitality industry since 1977 and the Spa sector since 1995. Originally working in kitchens of award winning restaurants in Australia, England, Hong Kong & Thailand, his passion now is for the Thai Spa industry, having been involved in much of its growth and development over the last 16 plus years.

His company, based in Bangkok, was awarded ‘Asia’s Leading Spa Consultancy 2007’ by the World Travel Awards committee, a prestigious award of international recognition, which is voted online by 167,000 travel agents in 200 countries. Spa Origins Co., Ltd’s client list includes companies in Cambodia, China, India, Italy, Kyrgyzstan, Middle East, Mongolia, Norway, Thailand, England & Vietnam.

His active role in the Thai Spa Association, where he is now in his third term in the position of President; his journalist works, and guest speaker appearances at international industry events, including Bahrain, China, Malaysia, New Zealand, Japan, Dominica, India, Turkey and the USA, together with his numerous speaking activities in Thailand; both as an industry educator, and as a passionate ambassador of the Thai spa industry, are all testaments to his desire to continue to build the professional levels of the spa industry.

Nominated for Spa Personality of the Year by the AsiaSpa Awards in 2009, 2010 and 2011, in addition to his other roles, he is actively involved in the preparations of the World Spa & Being Convention 2012 due to be held in Bangkok in September 2012. Andrew is also in his second term as Chairman of the Asia Pacific Spa & Wellness Coalition, a bridging organization across 17 Asia Pacific countries, uniting to help grow the industry on a regional basis. He is also an Executive Director of the Tourism Technology Association.
Since arriving in 1995, Andrew Jacka has been actively involved in Thailand’s spa industry, initially in destination spa management and today as Director of Spa Origins, an award-winning spa consultancy firm with a global clientele. A member of the Thai Spa Association since its inception, he is now serving his third term as president and a second term as chairman of the Asia Pacific Spa & Wellness Coalition. His passion for Thailand and his knowledge of the local spa industry has made him a much sought-after speaker on Spa issues.

Words from Spa Lady Windy

First met Andrew in Taiwan at ISPA 2003 Taipei and then Bangkok, Hua Hin, Tokyo, Manila… and we traveled together to Guiyang (China) in December 2007 attending the 1st Guiyang International Hot Spring Festival both as guest speakers at Hot Spring Industry Summit Forum… after the Forum, we visited the aboriginal villages and some SPA resorts, his in-depth advices for the Chinese entrepreneurs was absolutely eye-opening… with his professionalism and enthusiasm, he made himself extremely popular among the government officials, scholars, industry personalities and especially the aborigines… Chinese admired him, adored him and called him “An-Go” (means Big Brother An )… he is such a gourmet, a great drinker, an entertainer and great partner… where there is Andrew, there is fun… he is such a charismatic man…  

So if you do know Andrew, it’s great; if not, do make your attendance to Asean Spa and Wellness Forum 2012 on 16th and 17th July in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia to get to know this fabulous “SPA Man”!!

About ASWF 2012 (Asean Spa and Wellness Forum)  ASEAN Spa Forum – 1st International Spa Conference in Malaysia     

Supported by Spa Association Singapore (SAS), Bali Spa & Wellness Association, Philippine Spa Asociation and Thai Spa Association, ASWF, the first ever Spa industry convergence happening in Malaysia, organized by the Malaysian Association of Wellness and Spa (MAWSPA) will be held for 2 days during Cosmobeauté Asia, Malaysia. ASWF will be able to assist more members of spa industry to gain knowledge from the industry experts. This platform shall also encourage members to meet regularly and to network with professionals from Malaysia and other International organizations.

is a non-profit organization whose main objective is to promote and develop the Spa & Wellness industry in Malaysia. MAWSPA aims to gather renowned Spa experts from the ASEAN region to share their invaluable experiences and wide knowledge on best-practice operational and management standards.