A Smile 微笑

A Smile 微笑 
There's something you may give,    有些東西
To a friend and a stranger too;  你會送給一個朋友或是陌生人
It seems that when you give it,  而當你送出去時
It's given back to you.  它也回送給你
This present is worth a million,  這份禮物價值上百萬
But doesn't cost a dime;  卻無須花你一毛錢
It's lasting in effect,  而且它持續有效
But doesn't take much time,  且不占用你多少時間
This simple little gesture  這簡單小小的動作
Can make the day worthwhile; 能夠讓你一整天都覺得很有意義
It's just as good as sunshine;  彷彿像陽光一般的溫暖
It's what we call a smile. 我們就叫它 --- 微笑
- Jill Wolf (作家)