Int’l Flora Expo Pushes Taipei onto the World Stage

The Pride of Taiwan

2010 Taipei International Flora EXPO

Expo period: 2010/11/06 ~ 2011/04/25 

2010 Taipei International Flora Expo was inaugurated on November 6 at the Yuanshan Park Area. The flora expo embodies the spirits of “3R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle)” and “3G (Green Building, Green Energy, Green Transportation).”

Among the 14 exhibition halls, Pavilion of New Fashion (FE EcoArk) is a zero carbon emission architecture built with 152,000 recycled plastic bottles and powered by solar energy.

More than 2.4 billion plastic bottles are discarded in Taiwan every year. Some are recycled and eventually used in the production of new items, while the rest become non-biodegradable, harmful footprints on the faces of the earth and environment.

The Taipei International Flora Exposition’s Pavilion of New Fashion features the “FE EcoARK,” sponsored and operated by the Far Eastern Group. EcoARK is the world’s first house constructed entirely from garbage. Plastic bricks made from 1.5 million recycled PET bottles were used to build EcoARK, and all of the materials used during the research and development, manufacturing, and construction phases were “100% Made in Taiwan.”
While the building is light, it also boasts an extremely solid and stable interior structure. Its construction created seven firsts in the world and four firsts in Taiwan. EcoARK has a light, airy interior due to the use of semi-transparent PET bricks, and its modern, simple design has a unique beauty. The building combines the innate intelligence of the Chinese concept of “oneness of heaven and humanity” with the natural elements of wind, light, and water. Many have compared it to a modern-day Noah’s Ark docked at the harbor of the Taipei Int’l Flora Expo.

Following in the footsteps of the Far Eastern Group, visitors are invited to board the ark and experience this environmental yet fashionable “message in a bottle.”

The city government estimated a total of 6 to 8 million visitors to attend the expo, including 400,000 to 800,000 foreigners. The economic benefits of the expo are expected to reach NT$16.8 billion.
Ticket Info

Adult General Admission       NT$300
Seniors Admission Seniors (65 and over with ID)  NT$150
Afternoon Ticket Admission after 1 pm  NT$200
Evening Ticket Admission after 5 pm     NT$150