Phuket’s best kept secret - Paresa luxury Kamala resort

Paresa’s Exclusive EXPERIENCE

PREMCHIT Wellness Retreats


Stressed out, over worked or been indulging in a tad too much of the good life? Need a relaxing and invigorating retreat programme to guarantee you are at your very best for the coming holiday season?

Paresa introduces EXPERIENCE PREMCHIT Wellness Retreats, the world’s first self-actuated wellness retreats set amid the relaxing, tranquil and lush natural surroundings of Phuket’s most exclusive resort.

Dramatically situated on the stunning sculptured Kamala cliff tops overlooking the spectacular azure blue waters of the Andaman Sea, Paresa Resort embraces the exclusivity of its natural surroundings to create an oasis of tranquillity, luxury and the promotion of wellness.

A short 30-minutes from Phuket International Airport and situated at Kamala’s most sought after address, “Millionaires Mile”, Paresa is a secluded retreat offering unrivalled indulgence and luxury for the truly throng of life, Paresa is also within easy access of sleepy, yet picturesque, Kamala village.

"We are excited to be partnering with EXPERIENCE PREMCHIT, as it allows us to offer our guests a unique Thai-based retreat experience beyond the normal resort spa experience,” stated Paresa General Manager, Scot Toon. “The unique combination of this isolated cliff-top haven of relaxation and tranquillity and our menu of EXPERIENCE PREMCHIT wellness retreats is the key to revitalizing, re-energizing and renewing body, mind and spirit.”

The EXPERIENCE PREMCHIT Natural Detox Retreat is available in 3, 7, 10, 14, 21 and 28-day programs according to guests preference and place the total emphasis on you, your state of being and the many benefits to be derived from natural therapies tailored to your specific requirements.

Learn about your body’s detoxification processes and the critical importance of wellness to a long, healthy life, while understanding and experiencing the detoxification benefits to be experienced following over indulgence, in an exclusive EXPERIENCE PREMCHIT retreat.

The Natural Detox Retreat uses a very holistic approach to wellness, incorporating eight Natural Therapies, comprising: Ambrosia Therapy, Breath Therapy, Elixir Therapy, Meditation Therapy, Movement Therapy, Music Therapy, Scent Therapy and Treatment Therapy that gently, effectively and safely detoxify your body and provide the “take home” knowledge and tools to make positive changes to protect yourself against exposure to environmental and lifestyle toxins in your day-to-day life.

Further promoting health and wellness, EXPERIENCE
PREMCHIT has also created a range of nutritious ambrosias and therapeutic Elixirs customized to promote the specific results of each Wellness Retreat. Guests are also offered comprehensive pre- and post-retreat support consultations in order to maximize the benefits of selected retreat therapies.

EXPERIENCE PREMCHIT provides retreat guests with three distinctive Guest Retreat Boxes 
hand crafted from exquisite Thai silk and designed to take home afterwards as luxurious home décor pieces. The Guide Box contains a deluxe Retreat Guide to lead you through your retreat. The Room Box of accessories, Ambrosias and Elixirs is for therapy performed in the room and around the resort. The Spa Box of accessories and Elixirs is for Treatment Therapy, comprising three and a half hours per day, every day, of enjoyable therapeutic spa treatments combining traditional and contemporary healing techniques.

Drawing inspiration from southern Thai homes, Paresa Resort is a unique reinterpretation of Thai cultural traditions and chic modern Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired organic architectural elements, resulting in a seamless transformation from lush external natural surroundings to the understated luxury incorporated within the simplistic and contemporary open plan design of internal areas within each villa, lounge and restaurant.

Comprising 49 luxurious and elegantly appointed guest suites and villas each offering uninterrupted 270° views across the Andaman Sea, Paresa’s accommodations reflect a newfound respect for the environment and nature as reflected in traditional designs elements combined with the use of natural timbers and materials, while the preservation of magnificent large Banyan trees across the property further confirms the overall beauty and history of the pristine natural surroundings.