Europe’s Best Spa Destination - The Spirit Hotel in Sarvar, Hungary

Europe’s Best Spa Holiday Destination 2010

The Spirit Hotel ***** 
Sárvár, Hungary

The Spirit Hotel ***** in Bad Sárvár Hungary has won in the royal league of "Best Destination Spa in 2010" of the European Health & Spa Award.

The European Health & Spa Award is one of the most prestigious Spa awards, which does not only measure quality but the winner also serves as an example to follow for any other participants of tourism.

This is the first time a candidate from east Europe has won such a high-ranking prize in an international competition.

Hungary is extremely rich in natural hot springs; its healing water reserve is significant on a world scale and on European scale. Medicinal waters can be found in almost all regions of Hungary about three-quarters of the wells are located in the Great Hungarian Plain. For decades Budapest, Capital of Hungary, has been enjoying the name "the world's spa capital" and Budapest was awarded the title “City of Spas” in 1934.

But this very first “Best Destination Spa” award goes to the Spirit Hotel *****, focusing Europe’ s attention on the Hungarian health and spa tourism, supporting the idea that Hungary is a dominant entity not only in medicinal waters, but also it can successfully compete with the European and World’s best Spa hotels.
Nominations to the competition organised by the Vienna-based Agentur für Gesundheit & Wellness as well as leading Spa magazines - Spaworld and Spa Inside, there were many renowned competitors from Europe. Alfred Hackl, an internationally renowned “Spa Gentleman”, the General Manager of Spirit Hotel, received the award with great excitement at the Gala ceremony on June 8th 2010 held in Salzburgerland, Austria. "We feel very happy to be awarded with such a great honor. This special award is a sensational tribute to Spa country Hungary, to Spa Hotel Spirit and my excellent team of Spirit staff. "

Located in Sárvár, a scenic Spa town in Western Hungary, the Spirit Hotel ***** is the latest five-star-hotel of Hungary opened its doors in the end 2008. It nestles in the “seven lakes” of Sárvár and is surrounded by beautiful natural forests. The centre of town is within a 15-minute walking distance.
The European Health & Spa Award is considered one of the strictest and most independent of the industry; and the jury is made up of leading figures in the spa industry as well as major figures in business and media from European countries and the responsibility of the chairmanship of Dr. Franz Linser, the Spa expert from Innsbruck, Austria.

"With the Spirit Hotel ***** Hungary has set a milestone that heralds a new era of high-Hungarian spa tourism and where it is essential to compete in future domestically and globally". Jury Chairman Dr. Franz Linser and panel of jury are very impressed by the excellent facilities, relaxed atmosphere and the thoughtful design of the extensive spa area of the Spirit Hotel, and the strong focus on customer service and overall the best part is the very warm Hungarian service offered by well-trained Hungarian staff.

The Spirit Hotel ***** is one of the unique hotels in Europe. Particular forms, wonderful rooms and novelties in construction are in balance with the nature around. Since opening two years ago, this five-star Hotel Spirit is now the “hotspot” for the Medical Spa and Wellness. The luxurious spa area of 10,000 m², with 22 pools and a large therapy and medical spa centre is also unique in Europe. The hotel has its own mineral hot spring: a 250 million year old source from a depth of 1,056 metres. All mineral hot spring pools are filled with its own Spirit Mineral Hot Spring Water and they are 100% free of chemical substances. The water in the mineral hot spring pools are changed on daily basis. Center of the system is the impressive "Oasis" spa and pool area, the sauna area with various sauna rooms, and also a very stylish Turkish hammam and several spacious relaxation lounges. In 88 treatment rooms, guests can experience a wide variety of individual wellness applications to high-end medical spa programs.

The Spirit Hotel ***** awaits guests with 273 individually and elegantly furnished hotel rooms and suites, equipped either with balcony or terrace, in peaceful surroundings. As extra services, guests can choose from oriental style round beds, fantasy corners or whirlpools in certain room types. The hotel also offers a well equipped fitness-room, bowling, squash and two tennis courts. In the surroundings guest can enjoy Nordic walking, cycling, horse-riding, etc.

The Spirit Hotel ***** has created a Spa miracle for Hungary as the TOP Spa Destination in Europe. In the past two years, under the professional management, the Spirit Hotel attracted not only the Spa-goers and vacation seekers in European regions but also many travelers from China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea and many other countries.

“I want to inform all my friends and partners in Asia about this great award. This is a great honor as well as a great confirmation of the work we have done here with great spirits. This award also means that we bring back the spa city of Sárvár to the world map. For my staff it’s also very important because they see a future in their work for them and their children. For this award not only the architecture (hard ware) was relevant; also the soft skills of the staff, the large variety of treatments, the service in the whole hotel and the spa and our medical treatments, all are very important points. This award will give us additional power to heal our guests. Spirit Hotel ***** is not only a so-called wellness hotel; we are the Destination Spa in Europe with a strong focus to heal our guests. This is also coincide with our logo – the Spirit Angel.”

Austrian Spa Gentleman Alfred Hackl is now practicing his Hungarian Magyar language, his enthusiasm is to make Spirit Hotel a Spa Oasis for world-wide Spa travelers and at the same time promoting the local tourism so that the win-win situation will bring the prosperity to both the Hotel and the beautiful spa town Sárvár. “We will also make Sárvár the best and most famous Fürdő (Hungarian word for hot spring) in this part of Europe.”

For more information, please visit  http://www.spirithotel.eu/