Breaking News Today - Surrender in Bangkok

May 19th 2010


Surrender in Bangkok!

The City of Angels

Can Be Visited Again!

Thailand's anti-government "Red Shirts" have ended their street protest campaign today as leaders surrendered to police after a military offensive against their rally base.

After an overwhelming operation by Thai troops who punched through the barricades of the Red camps in Bangkok's shopping district which they have occupied for six weeks, the Reds leaders had tearfully announced the end of their protest movement in front of a large crowd of emotional supporters, including many women and children.

"I know that you are suffering. Some of us are speechless. But we want to stop any more deaths here....I know that if the military comes here many of you will sacrifice your lives and we cannot stand to see that...we are ending the protests here..we will exchange our freedom with your safety. We have tried our best...."

The "Red tears" flooded Bangkok today......

On the other side, many foreign investers, hoteliers, Spa managers, shop owners have left Bangkok in the past weeks... The hotels in Bangkok are almost empty with occupancy rate down to less than 40%....some even under 20% or none... and the street violence in Bangkok has driven away foreign tourists from visiting Thailand as arrivals have declined by over 50 per cent......

According toTourism and Sports Minister Chumpol Silapa-archa's public speech yesterday, the number of foreign tourists visiting Thailand tumbled after 19 foreign governments advised their citizens to not visit the kingdom due to political unrest, the number of tourists passing through Suvarnabhumi Airport now is down to about 20,000 people daily, compared to over 30,000 before.

Thailand Tourism and Sports ministry had earlier projected that about 15.5 million tourists would visit the country in 2010.

Bangkok, the City of Angels or "Krungthep" [กรุงเทพ] in Thai, is the hub for most of the commercial and economical activities of the Kingdom. Bangkok City is very famous and appreciated by visitors for its versatility and multiple points of interests. In the past 20 years, Bangkok has seen a huge development of city Spas and Wellness centers, in addition to the long established Thai massage centers, and with more and more international top Spas in Bangkok and growing great numbers of Thai Spa goers, Thai Government is aming to make Bangkok the "SPA Capital of Asia" in 2011.
For Spa Lay, Thailand is definitely a Land of Smile, Spa and Spirit; hoping that the people in this City of Angels will wipe the tears away and soon greet the global guests with their most charming "Wai" gesture and smiles!!