European Medical Travel Conference 2010

The Largest Medical Travel Conference in Europe

The European Medical Travel Conference 2010 will be taking place from 5th‐7th May in Monastier near Treviso, in the Veneto Region of Italy. The main scope of the EMTC is to provide a platform for networking, discussion, and cooperation for the worldwide medical travel industry.

"The Venice Declaration on Medical Travel" is a document which has been prepared by a group of accepted experts in the global Medical Travel community being opinion leaders in the market. This jointly developed paper was initiated by Dr. Bertinato and the following collaborators: David Boucher, Laura Carabello, Dr. C. Constantinides, Dr. Uwe Klein, Enric Mayolas, Julie Munro, Keith Pollard, Maria Todd, and Paul Vincke .

The authors want to stress the

‐ right of citizens to travel for the purpose to receive access to or better healthcare services
‐ the necessity for health systems worldwide to respond better to the health care needs of increasingly mobile Citizens who look to obtain the best quality, most timely, most cost‐effective and most conveniently located medical treatment and healing capacity available in Europe and throughout the world and
‐ the need to integrate better health and tourism services by investing greater resources to improve quality, customer orientation and healing competency of health services
‐ the need for controllable patient safety

The full text of the “The Venice Declaration on Medical Travel” will be provided to the attendants of the EMTC 2010 and presented for the discussion by the participants. The participants are asked to sign the document for release, together with a protocol of comments.

The “Declaration of Venice” has its motivation also in the intention to free “Medical Travel” regarding its acceptance from restrictions which have been aroused in the past by unserious, unilateral and commercially driven objectives.

The conference expects 350 participants from all parts of the world, including 80 speaker and 45 exhibitors from Italy and Europe and overseas. The platform provides B2B meetings, social networking and political round tables.

Further goals of the conference are:
‐ to explore the consequences of the recently passed US health care reform for medical travel of American citizens
‐ to work on improving quality, innovation and patient safety in health systems
‐ to expand the contractual provider network between German insurance companies, AOK and TK and the Veneto public health.
‐ present the very best of the Italian and Veneto health care provisions as well as medical wellness and spa solutions

You can check the details of this important event for the Medical Travel industry at: http://www.emtc2010.com/