Chaiwan = China + Taiwan
A New Joint Economic Power

CHAIWAN, a brand new term created by media, linking the two sides of Taiwan Strait--- CHINA + TAIWAN = CHAIWAN!

Well, you may say that “Chaiwan” is merely a concept invented by the foreign media, the most influential South Korean “CHOSUN ILBO” (朝鮮日報) coining “Chaiwan” to describe the most powerful joint economic force of Taiwan and CHINA, especially in the IT industry

South Korea IT industry was once the TOP in Asia, during the first quarter of 2009, Taiwan's LCD industry racked up a 56% share of the Mainland China market; it reduced South Korea's market share from 46% 2008 to less than 30% 2009. Mainland Chinese placed all the LCD orders to Taiwan ONLY and helped Taiwan IT industry to grow in strength even under such a difficult global recession period. More than that, Mainland China is going to “LIGHT UP” Taiwan’s IT industry with a special project “TEN CITIES TEN THOUSAND LED LIGHTS”(十城萬盞), where some 21 cities in China will buy MIT(made in Taiwan) LED to be their street lights. This will certainly create a 70-80 billion NT business and is due to be in process very soon in this coming October.

The intensive exchange activities cross the Taiwan Straits will generate $7000 billion economic stimulus package to both sides, according to the media’s speculation. And Taiwanese travelers are enjoying the most convenient and fast way of visiting Mainland, going to Beijing, Shanghai or Chongqing is sometimes much easier than flying from Taipei to Kaohsing as more flights daily or weekly. Also the very busy visiting tourism projects of China and Taiwan making these two sides of the Taiwan Strait the hottest destination to each other. More direct flights, less and less restrictions, bigger and bigger tourism promotional activities making “CHAIWAN” a REAL power not only in IT business but in every category! Of course, cross-Strait cooperation has led to some solid and fruitful results though; yet the two sides have still differences, disagreements, even conflicts existing... It might be good to keep cross-Strait relationship neither too hot nor too cold; being cautious is always essential!
So get to know the new word “CHAIWAN” and sincerely hope that the “CHAIWAN” joint power will lead to a better future with peace and prosperity!