15 Japan Healing Onsen Ryokan & Hotels for YOU

Healing Onsen for YOU!

For your information, the cover story of TravelCom Monthly 2008 December Issue (行遍天下12月號) entitled “Healing Onsen for YOU” is written by Spa Lady Windy . (22 pages, P.P. 50 to 71)

The word “Onsen” & “YOU” both mean “hot spring(溫泉)” in Japanese.

Immersion in water, particularly a large Onsen hot tub, whether it be outdoor or indoor gives one a feeling of buoyancy and fitness. I am not alone in this feeling. Archimedes himself, demonstrated to the world, that through displacement of water, upward motion and other reasons too complicated to go into here, the weight of an object, even a human body, is only one tenth of its starting weight once it is submerged in water! So, no matter how large or ungainly you feel on dry land, you will feel transformed in the tub! The ugly duckling can become a beautiful swan.

As you prepare to enter the hot spring, you place your belongings and shed your clothes into a bamboo basket for safekeeping. Likewise your worries, burdens, ties and sorrows are cast aside and you enter the bath with a body, mind and soul that are free from care and concern. Free to think and reflect without the shackles of daily problems. When you retrieve your belongings, you often find some of your troubles have been left behind in the basket!

Without these worries your mind is free to think and to be creative. I am often inspired to write when I am in Onsen. Likewise, many renowned Japanese writers penned some of their more famous works after a trip to the tub. Bathing in ‘Onsen’ appears to have inspired many to write hundreds of creative and absorbing stories that find a place on the family bookshelf.

Spa Lady prepared 15 Japan Healing Onsen Ryokan & Hotels for YOU, please do enjoy!