Open Table and Relais & Châteaux Signed Online “Quality Supplier”

Open Table and Relais & Châteaux
Signed Online
“Quality Supplier”

Relais & Châteaux and OpenTable Europe have signed a “Quality Supplier” agreement to allow efficient online booking operations at their 480 of the world’s finest hotels and gourmet restaurants in 56 countries.

The first technology partnership for Relais & Châteaux, this relationship enables the association to provide its members with a solution to streamline their operations and provide a real-time restaurant reservation service for their guests. The announcement follows OpenTable’s recent milestone of seating more than 3 million diners in the month of May at restaurants through reservations booked through the OpenTable network.

For more than fifty years, Relais & Châteaux has championed gastronomic innovation as an integral part of its philosophy. With its collection of the world’s finest restaurants and small hotels, the association has become synonymous with haute cuisine. The OpenTable system is already being used by a number of distinguished Relais and Châteaux properties around the world such as Daniel, GästeHaus Klaus Erfort, Jean-Georges, Johann Lafer’s Stromburg, Le Bernardin, Per Se, Residenz Heinz Winkler, Restaurant Toqué!, and The French Laundry.

"This partnership reinforces our continued commitment to ensure our guests are privy to excellent service,” said Jacques-Olivier Chauvin, CEO of Relais & Châteaux. “Through our relationship with OpenTable, our member restaurants will now have access to a premier reservation and guest management solution and their guests will enjoy the convenience of booking their restaurant reservations online”.

Relais & Châteaux member restaurants will now be able to offer OpenTable real-time restaurant reservation capabilities from their websites, giving guests the ability to make online reservations at a collection of fine restaurants. In addition, OpenTable will draw on its experience working with approximately 8.500 restaurants worldwide to provide the members of Relais & Châteaux excellent service in both restaurant reservations and guest management.

David Pritchard, Managing Director, Europe and Senior Vice President, OpenTable, Inc. said, “OpenTable and Relais & Châteaux value excellence, both in terms of solutions for the restaurateur and service for the restaurant guest. Through this partnership, we look forward to serving the association’s member restaurants — helping them leverage the OpenTable system to streamline their operations and provide their guests with the convenience of online reservations.” (Tuesday, October 28, 2008)

OpenTable Europe為首屈一指的餐廳訂座及賓客管理軟件供應商,隆重宣佈與擁有全球56個國家480間尊貴酒店和餐廳成員的Relais & Châteaux簽訂「Quality Supplier」協議。

此為Relais & Châteaux的首次科技合作項目,有助組織為成員提供可提高營運效率的方案,及為賓客提供實時餐廳訂座服務。OpenTable近日錄得破紀錄數字,在5月份共有超過300萬名賓客透過OpenTable的網絡進行餐廳訂座;隨著創下新里程碑,是次與Relais & Châteaux的合作可謂錦上添花。

逾50年以來,Relais & Châteaux一直以推動美食創新為己任。配合旗下全球最優秀的餐廳及精品酒店成員,組織早已成為烹飪藝術的同義詞。目前,OpenTable系統已應用於部分Relais & Châteaux的著名物業成員,其中包括Daniel、GästeHaus Klaus Erfort、Jean-Georges、Johann Lafer’s Stromburg、Le Bernardin、Per Se、Residenz Heinz Winkler、Restaurant Toqué!,以及The French Laundry。

Relais & Châteaux行政總裁Jacques-Olivier Chauvin表示:「我們一直致力為賓客呈獻非凡的個人化服務,而是次合作便進一步加強這項承諾。透過與OpenTable合作,我們的餐廳成員將可獲得頂尖的訂座及賓客管理方案,而成員的賓客亦可尊享於網上訂座的便利。」

Relais & Châteaux 的餐廳成員可於他們的網頁加入OpenTable實時餐廳訂座功能,讓賓客享用一系列精緻餐廳的網上訂座服務。此外,OpenTable憑藉與全球約8,500間餐廳合作的豐富經驗,將為Relais & Châteaux的餐廳成員在餐廳訂座及賓客管理兩方面提供頂級服務。

OpenTable, Inc.歐洲區執行總監暨高級副總裁David Pritchard表示:「OpenTable與 Relais & Châteaux在構思餐飲企業方案及賓客服務兩方面,均竭誠做到最好。透過這次合作,我們期待為組織的餐廳成員呈獻優質服務──以OpenTable系統協助他們提高營運效率,並為其賓客提供網上訂座的便捷。」

Relais & Châteaux簡介
Relais & Châteaux網羅全球56個國家480間尊貴的獨立酒店和餐廳,於1954年在法國成立,旨在透過挑選出眾而別具風格的服務企業,向全球宣揚其獨特的「生活的藝術」。此外,Relais & Châteaux亦雲集了全球酒店企業家和主廚,共同傾注熱情,致力為賓客提供出色而和諧的服務;Relais & Châteaux這個品牌,正是對難忘感官體驗的禮讚。由加州三藩市葡萄園Napa Valley,至印尼峇里海灘;由法國普羅旺斯的橄欖樹林,至南非的小棧,Relais & Châteaux均帶領賓客踏上快樂之途,在各有特色的目的地尋探獨特之境。Relais & Châteaux 的口號,充分反映出其抱負: