It’s got to be Austria

旅遊一定要去 --- 奧地利!

“It’s got to be Austria”

The Austrian National Tourist Office’s new print and online campaign launches a brand new image logo in February 2008, the Chinese Year of the Rat.

The Austrian National Tourist Office adopts a progressive new brand image.

Commenting on the search for the essence of Holidays in Austria, Dr. Petra Stolba, CEO of the Austrian National Tourist Office, said: ‘When I took over in November 2006, I considered the existing imagery to be the correct portrayal of brand “Holidays in Austria”. However, brands evolve.’
What followed was an thorough brand development process with the aim of defining the experiences and values that distinguish a holiday in Austria from all other European destinations: a pristine natural environment; typical Austrian courtly manners; Austria’s unique amalgamation of cultures throughout it history; the people’s ability to take on board external influences and refine them – be it the art of cooking or ways to celebrate life to the full.Experiencing culture is at the heart of holidays in Austria – the ability to let traditional values inspire new interpretations and for them to co-exist in harmony. It is the essence of all these attributes that are the key ingredients to the brand.

TBWA and ANTO: a perfect match

Following an international tender process, TWBA was entrusted with the development of a creative concept in accordance with brand values and prospective customer groups.

"The TBWA proved the right choice," says Ariane Tockner, Director of Brand Management for ANTO. “Christian Schmid and his team understood right from the beginning that we did not want just to produce pretty pictures, but to capture something immaterial. A photographic image should evoke emotion, charm and quaint customs and provoke a positive and surprising reaction.” TBWA won the bid to design ANTO’s new marketing campaign on the same day the agency collected a Silver Lion in Cannes for its Nivea campaign. The brief included one further challenge: Austria’s role as a co-host of UEFA EURO 2008™ needed to be included in the overall concept.Charming interplay of imagery and wordsDr. Petra Stolba comments, “With this new campaign we highlight Austria’s distinctive characteristics together with unexpected perspectives. The imagery of new campaign generates attention and interest, exudes continuity but also provides new impetus. We aim to produce so called ‘decision triggers’, which tip the balance in Austria’s favour and provides potential visitors with reasons to travel and opportunities to experience. Overall the campaign is designed to inspire and convey Austria as an enriching holiday destination.”

Re-branding to be rolled out in 2008

It’s got to be Austria” – the Austrian National Tourist Office’s new print and online campaign launches on 5th December 2007, and scheduled to run in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Great Britain, Italy, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Croatia, Romania, Slovenia and Slovak Republic in February 2008 and then across America and Asia, making Austria the unique destination to the global travellers!